2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso – Review

Ferrari is probably one of the best car manufacturers in the World because not only their cars are very impressive to look at but all of them are some of the fastest out there. Also, they somehow managed to keep their design scheme and philosophy unchanged in the past decades and their cars clearly show this. Their latest model is the 2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso which has been launched a few days ago as a successor for one of their best selling models, the FF.

While this may seem surprising for some, the FF offered a very spacious interior with plenty of room for luggage while offering the classic Ferrari feel. Well, the GTC is expected to do the same and even better than that because it is basically a mid-life update of the FF with improved looks and performance.

What’s new for GTC4Lusso?

Updates to the new car include a better interior in pretty much every possible way, a slightly better engine as well as an updated exterior. All of these should not only make the FF buyers to update but the new design will definitely appeal to more people. Why?

Purist & Authentic Design – Exterior and Interior

Well, the 2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso looks like a masterpiece and somehow Ferrari managed to offer pretty much a hatchback in the form factor of a true grand tourer with a very appealing look. The front of the car received a wider air intake in order to be able to cool the engine even in standing traffic, the sides have been sculpted in order to offer a more aerodynamic body while the heat extractors on the sides are now bigger.

While from a first look the car may seem very similar to the FF, the roof-line is now lower and slightly curvier while the back has been completely redesigned with new tail lights as well as a new roof-spoiler, all meant to offer a good looking car that also has a functional aerodynamic body.

2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso
The Engine range
Length 4.922 MM (193.77 Inches)
Width 1.980 MM (77.95 Inches)
Height 1.383 MM (54.44 Inches)
Dry weight 1.790 KG (3.946 LBS)

Modern & Luxury Interior

Inside the cabin, the Lusso is just as impressive as on the outside and while some parts of the interior remained unchanged such as the four extremely comfortable seats or is great dashboard where the passengers has its own display to check the speed and rpm of the car, there is now a smaller and easier to handle steering wheel, a new instrument cluster as well as a larger 10,8 inch touch-screen which runs a newer version of their infotainment system.

This will now be able to support Apple’s CarPlay as well as Android Auto as well as it will be easier to use thanks to the larger screen. The materials are just as good as before and just like on any other Ferrari, so the entire cabin is wrapped in leather, carbon fiber or pure aluminum.

The Engine range & Specs

Under the massive front hood, the 2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso is using a similar 6.3 liter naturally aspirated V12 to that found on the FF or F12. However, this time around, the engine has been tuned to make up to 681 horsepower and 514 lb-ft of torque, enough to get to 60 MPH in just 3.6 seconds and up to a maximum top speed of 208 MPH. The car is now also using an updated version of the all wheel drive system found on the FF which should make it usable in pretty much any weather conditions.

Also, as an added bonus, the Lusso comes as standard with a four wheel steering system which was first seen on the F12 tdf. This should allow the car to be better to drive even on narrower roads and it should give the driver more confidence. The 7 speed dual-clutch automatic on the other hand is the same as before and that’s fine with us considering is one of the fastest gearboxes in the World.

2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso
The Engine range
Type V12 – 65°
Overall displacement 6262 cc
Max. power output 680 HP @ 8.000 RPM
Max. torque 514 LB-FT @ 5.750 RPM
Maximum speed 335 KM/H (208 MPH)
0-100 km/h (62 mph) 3.4 seconds

2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso front vie

2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso Price

The price has not been offered to the public for now but considering the over $300,000 price of the FF, expect the Lusso to cost at least as much as it, especially since Ferrari doesn’t usually offer cheaper cars out there. The car will most likely be ready for sale by the end of the year and just like before, Ferrari will get the chance to choose their customers based on their previously owned cars, so the Lusso will remain as exclusive as all of their other models.

The biggest competitors are Aston Martin Vanquish and Maserati GranTurismo.

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