2015 Honda S2000 – Concept and Price

The S2000 has always been a tough car with great performance, a brilliant engine and enough interior equipment for it to be functional rather than fancy. The 2015 Honda S2000 is aiming to change all that. It will still be quite fast when comparing it to the rest of the cars today, but it will be more fuel efficient and it will have more interior equipment than before all at the same price.

2015 Honda S2000 side view 2

The Engine range

As far as we know, the S2000 will come in two flavors. The base model will come with a turbocharged 1.5 liter 4 cylinder unit that is good for up to 160 horsepower and 150 lb-ft of torque, figures much lower than on the previous car. Honda also said that they will also introduce a hybrid version of the S2000 but they didn’t say much else. We might see a performance hybrid with around 230 combined horsepower, but we’re not sure just yet.
2015 Honda S2000

Transmission and fuel efficiency

This is where the car lets us down. Why? Because it will come with one transmission, a 6 speed CVT unit that is good for fuel consumption and comfort but not for much else. As we said, fuel consumption will be great. We’re expecting it to get at least 45 to 50 MPG on the highway and at least 30 MPG in the city. We don’t know for sure yet, but the 2015 Honda S2000 might be a front wheel drive car with the option of a four wheel drive car for the hybrid version.
2015 Honda S2000 side view

2015 Honda S2000 Design – Interior and Exterior

The car still has that classic formula of a two-seater cabriolet. The interior quality has gone up over the previous generations and now you will be able to get satellite navigation, a premium sound system or dual zone climate control. Materials wise, it will come standard with cloth upholstery, leather most likely being an option.
2015 Honda S2000 rear 2
It will not look like the current S2000 but more like a cabriolet version of the CR-Z. So, it will have a much lower drag coefficient to improve fuel consumption and it will come as standard with 17 inch forged aluminium wheels with tires made for fuel consumption rather than speed.
2015 Honda S2000 interior

2015 Honda S2000 Pricing and availability

Considering the car is still a concept, there are many things that might be changed. We expect it to be available on the market somewhere around early March 2015. The base price for the 1.5 liter model is expected to be around 38.000$ with the more premium models equipped with the hybrid drivetrain to reach 50.000$.

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