Porsche Mission E – 60 mph for 3.5 seconds

New Porsche Mission E debuted at Frankfurt Auto Show, and this is one of the most powerful hybrid supercars. Tesla currently holds the crown as the most successful and innovative electric car manufacturer in the World and while they only make two models, they managed to become the most successful electric car maker out there. Well, because of that there are more and more manufacturers which are trying to get that top spot and one of them is quite unusual.

The car is using an all new platform and unlike any other car from their roster, it is fully electric so it might be the only car able to beat the Model S at its own game.

The chassis Porsche used for the concept car is very likely going to be moved into production because it is a carbon fiber tub with an aluminum suspension system so it is both strong and very light. Also, because the batteries are housed inside the chassis, there is a lot of room available for building on top of it so they may also release a few other models based on this particular chassis.

Best-known design – inside and outside look

The exterior of the Porsche Mission E is reminiscent of the Panamera but it is also a lot sportier with a lower roof, a wider and lower stance as well as a coupe-like appearance. In the front in features an all new design with quad-LED clusters in its headlights, a rather aggressive looking bumper as well as a carbon fiber splitter and intakes for the battery’s cooling. The back is similar to that of the 911 sports car with an LED strip that spans across the width of the car and a rather clean looking diffuser. The concept also sits on massive 21 inch carbon fiber rims which will likely not be put into production due to the massive cost of the tires.

Inside view

The interior of the concept is a bit futuristic with an LCD screen that acts as the instrument cluster and the control center of the car. However, the production model will likely feature something a bit more conventional with one dedicated screen for each task. Also, the seating layout of the concept car will likely be carried over as well with just four instead of five seats in order to make use of the Recaro seats.

Porsche Mission E main image

Sporty Performance & Specs

In terms of engines, the Porsche Mission E will not use the usual extended range hybrid recipe. Instead Porsche will go for an all electric car that will be one of the most advanced out there at the time of its launch. The base model will make use of four electric motors, one in each wheel. This will give Porsche a great torque control so they will be able to use a complex torque vectoring system in order to steer and power the car in the most efficient way.

These electric motors will give the Mission E a total power rating of around 600 horsepower and more than 600 lb-ft of torque which should be enough for a 0 to 60 MPH time of 3.5 seconds and an undisclosed maximum top speed.

Distance Range

While the Model S is faster, the Mission E will actually get a longer total range of around 320 miles. The best part will be Porsche’s own Turbo Charger which is said to give the car as much as 250 miles of range in under 15 minutes. This would be a lot faster than any other electric car on the road and it would allow its driver to cover great distances without having to worry about electricity.

Porsche Mission E Price

The price for such a model is still unknown but considering its competitor, we expect the Mission E to start at roughly $150,000 and go up from there.


The VAG group recently released the Porsche Mission E concept car which is expected to go on sale in the next few years.

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