Nissan GT-R R36 Nismo – for 2018 year

There are a lot of Nissan GT-R R36 Nismo – for 2018 year – rumors and news floating around on the Internet and it seems that some of these rumors may actually be true. It seems that the upcoming GT-R has been in development for quite a bit of time and Nissan plans to release the car some time in the late 2017 or early 2018 as a 2018 model.

The platform it will use will not be an evolution of the current one but rather a complete new platform which will likely be made out of carbon fiber with little to no aluminum or steel in its construction.

More aggressive design

In terms of design, it seems that the upcoming Nissan GT-R R36 Nismo is likely going to be more aggressive as well as similarly styled to the current model. This is because we expect more of an evolution rather than a revolution of the design of the car which is to be expected if we take into account the previous models of the car. The front is likely going to be lower to the ground with new headlights which may even borrow from the design of the 370Z while the roof and windows are likely going to be very similar to the ongoing model.

The back end will feature a larger and adjustable spoiler as well as a massive diffuser on the rear bumper. Just like before, a quad-exhaust system is going to be installed even on the base model.

Inside view

The interior is certainly going to be a bit more refined than before. The current car has a well equipped interior but a bit too dull looking in comparison with some of its competitors. This time the dashboard will get a more minimalistic look which will likely feature a center display that will feature all the information the driver needs while all the usual dials and buttons will be moved on this display.

The car will continue to be a 2+2 model and in the back it will likely have enough room for two average sized people. Many also expect the materials on the new car to be much better than before and this may be quite true, especially since the car will be more expensive than before.

The Engine & Performance

Some of the Nissan GT-R R36 Nismo -for 2018 year – rumors and news suggest that the car will get the same engine as the 2015 Delta Wing Le Mans racer which would be extremely interesting because that car has a specifically developed 3 liter twin-turbo V6. A Nissan executive even suggested that the engine from the Le Mans cars is an ancestor of that of the 2018 GT-R which would mean that the production car is going to get an upgraded version of the same engine.

Considering the current 3.8 liter V6 makes 600 horsepower in the Nismo version of the car, some people suggested that the 3 liter V6 from the upcoming model is going to make well over 650 horsepower and a lot more torque than before. Some rumors suggested that the car will be able to push out 600 lb-ft of torque which is a massive improvement over the previous 3.8 liter engine.

Nissan GT-R R36 Nismo – for 2018 year

Nissan GT-R R36 Nismo – for 2018 year Price

While the current model of the GT-R managed to get itself ahead of the competition thanks to a really low price and incredible performance levels, the newer model has a lot of though competitors to beat in order to be just as well known as its predecessor. The car will have to be reasonably priced and also more powerful than before in order to be even able to compete with cars such as the Porsche 911 or even the upcoming Corvette.

So, the price of the new car could be hovering around the $180,000 which is certainly more than before but then again, Nissan will deliver a much more impressive car than before.

Nissan GT-R R36 Nismo – for 2018 year main

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