2017 Volvo S90 – Review, Price & Specs

Volvo is currently one of the most underrated manufacturers in the World which is both good and bad. However, they are trying to improve their reputation by releasing new models on the market, the latest being the 2017 Volvo S90 which has been fully leaked a few weeks ago. The car has been co-developed with the XC90 and it was originally intended to be released first but finally Volvo decided to release the SUV first which was a really smart choice because the SUV sold better than they expected.

The upcoming S90 is based on the same platform as the SUV and it can even be considered as its sibling.

Few different engines

Engine wise, the 2017 Volvo S90 will hit the market with a few different engines. In Europe, the base model will be the T5 which will offer up to 240 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque and it will only be available in front wheel drive form. Further up the range will be the T6 which will also be the base model for the US market. This will come with all wheel drive as standard and thanks to a supercharger and turbocharger, it will be able to provide up to 316 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, more than most other 2 liter cars.

The top of the range model though will be the T8 which has to be one of our favorite engines thanks to the sheer amount of power it is capable of producing. This hybrid powertrain makes up to 400 horsepower and over 450 lb-ft of torque which is by far the most powerful 2 liter engine in the World. All three of them will only come with an 8 speed automatic which has been on the market for some time and it is one of the smoother gearboxes out there.

2017 Volvo S90 engine

Design – Outside view

The exterior design of the 2017 Volvo S90 is very similar to that of the XC90 to the point where the two look nearly identical from certain angles. This is a bit strange considering we are referring to a sedan and an SUV but Volvo somehow managed to get a nearly perfect sedan in terms of proportions. The car is rather big and imposing but it doesn’t follow the current trend of offering a low roof and coupe-like appearance.

Instead, the car has a rather high roof, a good amount of ground clearance and the long hood and back offer a limousine-like design. The front end is nearly identical to the SUV but at the back it features C-shaped tail-lights and a design inspired from the 1930s.

Inside view

The interior is similar to the SUV as well so it features a rather minimalistic looking dashboard with a large touch-screen mounted in portrait mode. This, just like with the XC90, controls all the functions of the car, the only exception being the automatic climate control system which has its own console with touch buttons, right bellow the screen. The steering wheel is carried over while the seats are slightly more supportive than those on the SUV.

2017 Volvo S90 – Price

The two cars are similar in appearance, both of them feature identical engines but the S90 is lower, slightly longer due to the added overhangs and it should be more comfortable and controllable on the road. Rumors say that Volvo will open the ordering process for the car in the early 2016 but it will only go on sale in the early summer of the same year.

The price will be higher than that of the older S80 which means a base model of the S90 will cost over $40,000. This puts it near the Audi A6 which is a tough competitor but considering the XC90 is we don’t really think it will have any problems.

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