2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

The current Golf has been around since 2012 which may not seem like that old. However, if you check VW’s history then it becomes clear that the German manufacturer likes to update its best selling car once every four or five years. Because of that, the 2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen and its hatchback version are actually going to be all new cars rather than just mild updates of the current model.

These new cars will come with a more different design, possibly better engines as well as more upmarket interiors. The SportWagen version is the estate version of the car so it is longer and it has a longer wheelbase.

The Engine & Specs

Engine wise, the 2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen will come with a few different engines depending on the market it will be sold in. For example, in Europe, the car will be available with a 1.2 liter turbocharged petrol engine with up to 110 horsepower, a 1.6 liter diesel with 105 horsepower or even a 1.4 liter turbocharged inline 4 with up to 150 horsepower. The top of the range model will likely be the GTI and the R32 which are both going to feature a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 with outputs ranging from 220 horsepower all the way up to 290 horsepower.

A GTD version with a 2 liter diesel with more than 180 horsepower is also going to be available. Most of these will come as standard with front wheel drive and a 6 speed manual while some versions will also receive either a 7 speed dual-clutch automatic or a 6 speed automatic.

The US version of the car is expected to drop its diesel offering and be offered only with a 1.8 liter turbocharged petrol engine which is going to offer up to 180 horsepower. Unfortunately, the GTI or the GTD models will likely not hit the shores of the US market which is a bit of a shame.

More aggressive design

The exterior of the upcoming 2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen is going to be based on that of the all new Golf which is scheduled for release in the upcoming year. The front end is going to be identical to that car and in fact it should borrow some of the design of the new CC. The back of the car on the other hand is likely going to borrow extensively from the current SportWagen while the Alltrack version will be based on the concept which has been released a few months ago.


Inside the cabin, the car will not only offer better materials than the previous generation but also a lot more technology and safety features in the standard car. This will be the first time when the Golf will receive as standard frontal collision warning which should become standard on all the other cars in VW’s roster. The dashboard will also get a new design which will be more of an evolution of the current car while the infotainment system will be updated in order to be faster and easier to use.

2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen front view

2017 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen Price

These add up for more space inside the cabin for the rear passengers as well as much more space for luggage. The 2017 model of the car will be a bit more different because it will also come as an Alltrack version which means that the car will be offered as an all wheel drive crossover. This should bridge the gap between the Golf and some of its Japanese competitors which come with all wheel drive as standard.

The price is unknown at this point but the car may cost around $23,000 for the base model and $27,000 for the Alltrack version. In any case though, the release date will not be closer than the early 2017.

As you can to imagine, the biggest rivals are Subaru XV Crosstrek and Jeep Compass.

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