2017 Toyota SF Concept

Toyota unveils an all-new model, named 2017 Toyota SF Concept. The new edition had a debut at Tokyo Auto Show. After they managed to get a deal with Mazda in order to make a few small cars for the US market, Toyota also released a competitor for Mazda’s own MX5 which is a bit of an odd move from them. The car in question is the 2017 Toyota SF Concept which has been first presented a few months ago as a proof of concept and not like a potential product.

However, after they saw how well the car was received by the public, Toyota decided to make the car into a production model. This will basically be a modernized version of the Toyota 800 so it will get the classic sports car look, the rather spartan interior and the tiny engine.

SF Concept

The chassis will likely be developed from that of the FRS, so it will be a rear wheel drive car at its core. On top of that, it will be light… very light. The SF will weigh just under 2,100 pounds in road-going trim which would make it lighter than the MX-5 while having better looking proportions. However, while it will be light, it will also be down on power so those looking to get one will have to really work that tiny engine.

2017 Toyota SF Concept Engine

Engine wise, the 2017 Toyota SF concept is using a naturally aspirated 1.5 liter inline 4 petrol engine which is good for 130 horsepower and little over 110 lb-ft of torque. This is a rather fast revving engine and thanks to the low displacement, it is quite fuel efficient as well. The only transmission of choice on the production model will be a 6 speed manual which will send the power to the rear wheels only. Early performance figures suggest a 0 to 60 MPH time of around 7 seconds and a top speed of 124 MPH, enough to have fun on any type of roads.

Some rumors also suggested that in the future the car may also receive a 3 cylinder 1.5 liter engine from BMW. This would be turbocharged and it would be able to provide up to 180 horsepower which would not only make it more powerful than its direct competitor but it would allow the Toyota SF to get better mileage and to offer a lot more torque in any rev range.

Unusual Design – Interior & Exterior

The design of the current concept car is nothing short of amazing. While it doesn’t impress at a first glance, the car features all the right characteristics of a great sports car with a long hood, a short rear deck and a taller than usual body. It is around 3 inches longer than the MX-5 but it is both narrower and taller so it looks a bit more playful. As standard it will sit on 16 inch rims while the higher performance model will likely get 17 inch rims with high performance tires wrapped around them.

The front end features a massive fish-mouth grille with two angry looking headlights while the back is rather simple with round tail-lights and a black insert on the bumper.


Inside the cabin the production model that will follow the Toyota SF concept is going to be spartan, at best. The car will only feature the basic commodities such as an average audio system, a manual air conditioning unit and that’s about it. It will come as standard with sport seats which is a plus while some models could also get a climate control system as well.

2017 Toyota SF Concept

2017 Toyota SF Concept Release date

The release date is still unknown but we expect the car to be available for sale starting with the first half of 2017 when it will hit the market for a price under $18,000 in the US and less than 16,000 euro in Europe, thus becoming the cheapest rear wheel drive car out there.

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