2017 Ford Fusion

The first spy photos and rumors about the new sedan, 2017 Ford Fusion have been presented. Next year is very important for this model. Second generation of it is being produced since 2013 and it is a right time for some big changes that should be installed into 2017 Ford Fusion.

Its rivals already changed a lot since the last generation change, and this year Ford engineers planed a big exterior update so they also heavily camouflaged the new vehicle when it was running test drives. This is a very popular model and accept Fusion that is sold in the United States there is also Ford Mondeo that is sold in Europe that is essentially the same rebadged version. It is still unknown when will the new Ford Fusion look go across the ocean and when will Ford Mondeo change.

2017 Ford Fusion

Design – Changes and Improvements

Taking into consideration the camouflaged spots on this car, we can see that the main exterior changes will come with the front and the rear side of the car. It is hard to tell what will be changed, since Ford camouflaged it good, but we can expect some more aggressive styling in the front that would make a typical Fusion signature look a lot meaner than before.

It’s even possible that Ford engineers would borrow a thing or two from Ford Mustang, most popular Ford’s pony car. These front changes will make grille nd headlights look different and in the back we can expect completely new taillight styling with full LED taillight and some other lighting elements in the back.

2017 Ford Fusion int


There’s no information about the interior changes that will come with 2017 Ford Fusion, but we think there are not going to be too many of them. Current interior of this model looks nice enough, although it has some hard plastic and the quality of the materials is can’t be compared with Ford Taurus and some other bigger sedan models.

On the other hand this model comes with plenty of tech inside the cabin that goes from infotainment system in the base version, to nice telematics, that might be the only thing that will change inside the cabin, and that only if Ford decides to install the new SYNC2 telematics system, that already comes with several new Ford models.

2017 Ford Fusion int2

Chnges in the performance segment also haven’t been revealed, although most of the reviewers think that this segment will stay the same, some people guess that Ford will gave a more fine tuning to the new model and that its EcoBoost will received a better fuel efficiency and higher maximum speed.

On the other hand Ford might decide for some bigger step like adding the completely new powertrain and the new version that might be regular or plug in hybrid. Anyway we should at least expect some better fuel economy, since this change is often seen on the new Ford models.

2017 Ford Fusion side view 33

2017 Ford Fusion Price

Prices of 2017 Ford Fusion will be similar to the current numbers and it will start from $22,100 which was the starting price of 2016 version as well. Another two hybrid and Energi versions that come with hybrid and all electric powertrain will also stay with the same price, current prices of this two models go from $26,000 for the hybrid version and $36,000 for the Energi version that comes with nice all electric range.

The key competitors are Toyota Camry and 2016 Chevrolet Malibu.

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