2016 Toyota Tacoma – Concept and Performance

The Toyota Tacoma has so far earned itself a good reputation of having an excellent design and decent performance. Its redesign will mainly be part of the current efficiency highly expected in Toyota cars mainly. The 2016 Toyota Tacoma ’s exterior will also see great modifications. It is expected to shed a little weight and this is set to boost its speed and performance ass well as its fuel economy as several components will be made of aluminum. Its fuel consumption will most likely be lower than that of the current model. Advanced system controls and higher technologies shall be widely evident in this new model.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Concept

Most people prefer not to travel, especially when they know it’s a long distance and that they’ll have to tag along their small kids, but Toyota Tacoma has been designed to offer sheer comfort for such journeys and to allow you to still relish each and every moment.
2016 Toyota Tacoma 2
Still at its concept stage, the Tacoma is set to have great features and accessories that will define it as an ideal car that comes at a friendly price. Toyota is always keen on safety features available on their vehicle and the Tacoma will not be an exception as it will feature an improved safety accessories to see that your family is offered the right amount of comfort and is well protected too.

The 2016 Tacoma is Tacoma’s future concept and will feature most of the next-Gen ideas and designs. Most of the Tacoma details are still under wraps, but its engine specs and price information have been released only waiting confirmation.
2016 Toyota Tacoma interior
Below are some of the design specifications of this vehicle covering the engine specs, and the price and release date.

Design 2016 Toyota Tacoma

A fresh outward look will define the exterior appearance of this model. Toyota will most likely cut down on the weight of this car by using lightweight materials such as aluminum and this is seen to have a positive impact on the seed and performance of this vehicle. Information about the 2016 Tacoma’s interior, infotainment system, accessories, cabin space and safety features is yet to be released.
2016 Toyota Tacoma engine


The 2016 Tacoma will be available in two engine options; a 4.6l V6 and a 5.7l V6 4-cylinder engine. Both power units will have a direct injection completion. The engine packages will be both paired to a 6-speed transmission that will be effective when it comes to cutting down fuel intake.
2016 Toyota Tacoma
With its expected great performance and ideal layout the 2016 Tacoma will be admired and adored by many people.it will offer the comfort that will let one enjoy long trips and at the same time greatly save on fuel making it stand out as the most pocket friendly.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Price and release date

This car is expected to start selling at a base price of $20,000. Its release date is set for early 2016 with changes concerning price and release date expected to be announced before 2016 if any.

More details and information about this and all Toyota cars at: http://toyotacars2016.com/2016-toyota-tacoma-diesel-engine-specs/

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