2016 Toyota Prius – Specifications and Price

Toyota Company has made an amazing decision to outbid itself by planning to introduce 2016 Toyota Prius in the market come next year. The company made this decision after listening to the needs of their customers and it is set to break the record when compared to other types of models that the company offers currently to the market.

2016 Toyota Prius front view

Release date and Price range

The presentation date of this model hasn’t been officially confirmed to the buyers, but will be in between first half of the year 2015. However, it is anticipated that the new platform of the car will have new designs when compared to many other models. The price is expected to range from $ 25,000 making it another cheap Toyota model car and this will also depend on many factors.
2016 Toyota Prius interior

Features and Performance

The Toyota New Global Architecture commonly known as TNGA will provide this new Prius model a relatively low center of gravity when compared to other models thus improving its stability. It will have improved driving dynamics, a lighter structure as well as cheaper production to complete vehicle. The above features will be complemented using a new exterior look and style. According to the knowledge, this car will remind all of the customers about all new models of Toyota Corolla.
2016 Toyota Prius side 2
This new version of Toyota will have Hybrid Synergy Drive in the form of a hybrid drivetrain system. It will be lighter in weight at the same time lower in cost. It will also have significant impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions. It will be equipped using a 1.8L petrol engine, higher power, however, more powerful and battery pack. Both battery power and Engine power will be separated at front and rear wheels. In this sense, Prius 2016 will also have AWD, a characteristic of the hybrid cars in combined cycle through its transmission system.
2016 Toyota Prius

2016 Toyota Prius Verdict

The company will make sure that it uses less fuel due to its low engine capacity. This new engine is expected to increase fuel economy in many countries by about 8 percent compared to the latest model. This definitely makes it one of the Toyota Prius models that may be existing in the market. The power transmission of this new Toyota Prius model will also be expected to be better when compared to other models that exists in the market.
2016 Toyota Prius forad
In conclusion, this information about Toyota Prius new model should help you understand what you should expect once the car is launched into the market next year.

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