2016 Ram Laramie Limited

One more truck on the market, 2016 Ram Laramie Limited. Luxury cars have always been important part of the car industry, but, when you think about luxury cars, first thing that pops in our minds are big and elegant sedans or luxury SUVs from companies like BMW, Lexus, Mercedes Benz or Rolls Royce.

However, there is one more type of car that no one thinks about – luxury pickups. These kind of cars are very important in the United States and Canada, and have become, over the years, an important part of the car market.

The 2016 Ram Laramie Limited is the newest model that will most definitely catch attention of potential customers. Although the competition is fierce among the luxury pickups, Ram Laramie Limited is going to stand out the crowd with the long list of features and equipment, even in the base model. The 2016 Ram Laramie Limited is a big step forward for the company and it will most definitely become an icon in United States. With bold design and lots of chrome all around, this car will attract attention wherever you go.

2016 Ram Laramie Limited front view 2

Design – Inside and Outside look


First thing that fans of this pickup will notice is that the 2016 Ram Laramie Limited does not have anything on the outside that could associate it with the Dodge brand. The interesting feature of the exterior of this car is the amount of chrome that it has. The big grille on the front is completely in chrome, with large letters of the company. On the back, the 2016 Ram Laramie Limited boasts new tailgate design, also made out of chrome.

Along with the chrome, there are 20-inch six spoke alloy wheels, which go along great with all the chrome on the pickup. Furthermore, the new LED headlights go great with the new sporty and aggressive look of the pickup. Taillights have 15 LED lights, with chrome elements.


The interior of the 2016 Ram Laramie Limited is completely redesigned and now it has much more elegant and stylish look. The exterior of the car is dominated by the chrome elements, the interior is completely dominated by leather elements. They have tried to make 2016 Ram Laramie Limited ahead of its time, which is obvious by the number of USB outlets that the pickup has. Cabin is decorated by lots of LEDs and large 8.4-inch display takes center place of the dashboard. They have thought about everything – so 2016 Ram Laramie Limited has even a phone holder, which can even hold a tablet device.

The Engine range

There is no official information about the engine that the new 2016 Ram Laramie Limited is going to have, however, experts think that there is a new engine set to debut in the new pickup – something in between the 3.6l V6 that produces 305 horsepower with automatic transmission and the 5.7l V8 Hemi engine also with automatic transmission.

2016 Ram Laramie Limited
Description 3.0-LITER ECODIESEL V-6 5.7-LITER HEMI® V-8
Type and Description 60-degree V-type;liquid-cooled 90-degree V-8; liquid-cooled
Displacement 182 cu. in. (2988 cu. cm) 345 cu. in. (5.654 cu. cm)
Bore x Stroke 3.27 x 3.60 (83 x 92) 3.92 x 3.58 (99.5 x 90.9)
Power (SAE net) 240 HP @ 3.600 RPM 395 HP @ 5.600 RPM
Torque (SAE net) 420 LB-FT @ 2.000 RPM 410 LB-FT @ 3.950 RPM
Compression Ratio 16.5:1 10.5:1

2016 Ram Laramie Limited  Price

The 2016 Ram Laramie Limited should have a large price tag – especially with all the features and equipment that this pickup has. Latest reports suggest that the 2016 Ram Laramie Limited will be unveiled in the summer of 2015 and price about 51,000 $.

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