2016 Honda ACX Concept and Hydrogen car

2016 Honda ACX is a concept vehicle that raised a lot of questions in the automotive industry. It was presented on Tokyo Motor Show, and it is a very futuristic plug in hybrid sedan. Its name stands for Advanced Cruiser eXperiance.

Online reviewers got little bit confused with this engine 50 kilometer electric range and its totally weird styling that can only be constructed in Japan. Honda did their best to make it as aerodynamic and light as possible, but sedan this big is really hard to incorporate into the PHEV all electric concept.

Design – Interior and Exterior


This vehicle looks very futuristic and as some online reviewers like to point out border-line crazy. Most of its design features are influences from the FCX Clarity fuel cell sedan and even will all this normal bits front fascia of this model looks like something driven from the fifth Element movie and driven by Alien and Predator sitting on front seats. In the back this model is not less odd, with the one line taillights where it is little bit hard to recognize which one is which.

2016 Honda ACX rear view 4

Front bumper, side skirts and rear diffuser are all carbon-fiber and are very aerodynamic and light so together with the rest of the package this is definitely one of the lightest sedan of its size in PHEV class. Another strange thing are the transparent wheel covers that stand still while the car is in motion, these cover all the wheels from top to bottom.

When it comes to interior Honda is very secretive, but if looking it from the outside we can’t even think of how many hi tech gadgets are going to be placed inside the cabin of 2016 Honda ACX. We know that it will come with Automatic Drive Mode Support System which is going to go little bit more into the autonomous control research. Control wheel of this system is place on the dashboard. Driver and passenger seat can recline and be shaped like an ottoman, and still be in use. This is one of the most comfortable and intuitive thing we saw when it comes to driver seats.

A little details about driving

Thing that’s not so new, powerful and popular is this vehicle’s powertrain which is far less agile than most of the new model PHEV vehicles that are being promoted all round the world. This model’s powertrain supports only 50 kilometers of electric only driving and 65 mph maximum speed. This is if not ordinary even bellow some of the main competitors in this class. But, as you can to see, there are no more official details about performance and engine options. One more reason is, because that is only concept car. One, more important thing is serial production. If the rumors true, Honda should start serial production of this car in fall of this year.

2016 Honda ACX Price

When it comes to price there are no official information yet. As we said earlier this vehicle is still in concept version and to make it production version, Honda will need to change its powertrain and to give it much better kick when it comes to speed and acceleration, and whet is even more important for this class of cars, to make its all electric range bigger. So the release date of this vehicle is still not in sight, maybe it is going to arrive at the showrooms in the beginning of 2016 but that’s just a guess.

As conclusion, we can say that ACX is a new Honda concept, who will make a revolution on the market, next year. This is a very strange and unusual hybrid car, if we look design (inside and outside).
More details about this, and the other hybrid cars: http://2016hybridcars.com/2016-honda-acx/

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