2016 Ferrari 488 Spider Release date and Price

488 is the latest addition to Ferrari’s prolific lineup of sports cars, introduced in order to replace the outgoing 458. Apart from being offered as Berlinetta with hard top, it will, naturally come as a convertible as well. 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider will basically offer the same or similar performance figures as basic GTB version of 488, but with a little bit more flair.

The Engine range & Specs

What powers the 488 is mid-mounted 4.0L twin-turbocharged V-8 mill which is more than capable of generating 661 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque. While no official info is out yet, 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider should be able to achieve 62 mph from standstill in around 3 seconds, and a top speed which surpasses the 200 mph mark. There’s no need to talk about supercar’s driving dynamics and handling as Italian powerhouse always delivers sheer poetry when it comes to these categories.

Ferrari 488 Spider will be as fun to drive as the best of them, and it will offer stunning acceleration with immense overtaking capabilities. Furthermore, it will handle the pavement well thanks to the rear-wheel drive configuration and 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

2016 Ferrari 488 Spider
Type 90° V8; turbo-charged;dry sump
Total displacement 3902 cc (238.1 cu. in)
Maximum power 660 HP @ 8000 RPM
Maximum torque 560 LB-FT @ 3000 RPM in VII gear
Specific output 172 cv/l (2.07 kW/cu. in)
0 – 100 km/h (0 – 62 mph) 3.0 s
0 – 200 km/h (0 – 124 mph) 8.7 s

Aggressive design – changes

As far as overall design goes, there are no major differences between the GTB and Spider 488’s. Spider, unlike conventional convertibles, offers retractable hard top roof which weighs some 55 pounds more than the soft top. 55 pound difference is very light by convertible standards, and either 488’s soft top is way too heavy or Italians have really managed to do a good job with the hard top. In any case, 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider features Italian maker’s trademark design with some rather contemporary cues, though. For instance, headlights are upswept and easily reach the front wheels. They are mounted on flared wheel arches which serve as margins for the streamlined and sleek hood.

Lower air intake is also upright and streamlined, but this can’t be said about the gaping air inlets at top of the rear fenders. Rear end offers couple of circular tail-lights flanked by another set of air inlets, while lower part of the bumper features duo of large circular tailpipes. It takes exactly 14 seconds for 488 Spider’s roof to raise or retract itself which is a great passing time, no doubt.


488 is filled with number of soft materials all over. 2-seater offers ergonomic leather seats and carpeted floor mats for more refined look, but it lacks luxury accents and dashboard covers. Instead, 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider keeps things as simple as it can. Feature list isn’t that advanced as well, and sports car doesn’t even offer the touch screen display. It does, however, offer the ability to reposition the rear glass into three distinctive positions. That way you can create your own airflow when the top is down, or enjoy the sound of your engine when the roof is raised.

front view 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider

2016 Ferrari 488 Spider Price

No official statement about 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider’s fuel efficiency has been released yet, but our guess is that the people who are willing to pay around $275,000 for it probably won’t raise their voices against supercar’s poor fuel economy. Indeed, over quarter of the million is really a hefty price tag, but even regular GTB models have a sticker that’s close around.

2016 Ferrari 488 Spider is more rigid than its predecessor 458. Official statements say that it’s around 23 percent more rigid, and that’s mostly thanks to its chassis being made from composite aluminum alloys and magnesium, for instance. That’s one of the reasons why its price tag is so large. Another reason is Ferrari’s badge which never fails to offer anything but pure performance and refinement in the same package.2016 Ferrari 488 Spider is fun to drive and you’ll be hard-pressed to drive it slow, if you manage to get one of them for yourself, that is.


The biggest rivals are 2015 McLaren 650S Spider and 2016 Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 Spyder.

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