2016 Audi Q7 New look and Price

Audi Q7 is the largest crossover in German manufacturers’ lineup and takes quite large piece of the pie when sales are concerned. 2016 Audi Q7 will be a next-gen vehicle which should be available since mid-year, but it debuts at North American Auto Show in Detroit, this January.

Under the Hood

As the big brother of Audi’s Q-lineup, Q7 will be offered exclusively with V6 engines. At first, buyers will be offered a choice between 3.0L TFSI supercharged V6 and 3.0L TDI turbo diesel V6 engine. First of these makes 333 hp, and the latter delivers 272 hp. Later on, Audi will introduce e-tron hybrid model which combines all-wheel drive, diesel engine and plug-in hybrid technology in order to generate 373 hp and impressive 516 lb-ft of torque.

2016 Audi Q7 side view

All models are tied to 8-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic manual control, just like in other Audi’s nameplates. Moreover, as before, whole lineup will be offered with Quattro, all-wheel drive system.

2016 Audi Q7 Exterior Dimensions
Type     3.0 TDI     3.0 TFSI     3.0 TDI     2.0 TFSI
Output     272 HP     333 HP     218 HP     252 HP
LB-FT     442     324.5     368.8     272.9
0 – 60mph     6.3 seconds     6.1 seconds     TBA     TBA
Top speed     145.4 mph     155.3 mph     TBA     TBA
Fuel spending     41.3 US mpg     30.5 US mpg     TBA     TBA
CO2 broadcast     239.8 g/mi     288.1 g/mi     TBA     TBA

Fuel economy has been improved thanks to the weight savings and all available powertrains will see significant increase in their fuel efficiency figures.

The most important innovation

For this model Audi has made one of the best innovation, unlike the previous editions. New improvements are: managing all-wheel steering and auto controlling wheels. This revolutionary modification helps drivers to drive the vehicle on easier way. Especially, the rear wheels are adjusted to the front wheels, while driving. Thus, at high speeds, this system of driving control increases the agility of the vehicle.

 Design – new look and changes

Exterior changes are plenty, but most important one has been made in the framework. 2016 Audi Q7 is going to be more than 700 pounds lighter thanks to the extensive use of aluminum in its body. Chassis was completed with high-strength steel grid for better sturdiness and full-size crossover now weighs 4,398 pounds, and is lightest in its class. Actual look has been changed and new Q7 now seems wider and lower thanks to new hexagonal grille and thinner air intakes. Profile received some sharper creases, and rear end is also much sharper thanks to rectangular set of tail-lights and more sharply cut tailgate.

2016 Audi Q7 Exterior Dimensions
Exterior Units
Length     5.050 MM (16.6 ft)
Wheelbase     2.990 MM (9.8 ft)
Width     1.970 MM (6.5 ft)
Height     1.740 MM (5.7 ft)

Next-gen Q7 should offer even more interior room, as if plenty of space for seven passengers wasn’t enough to start with. Interior refinement doesn’t even have to be mentioned as everyone knows what kind of quality can be expected from German luxury cars, especially at top of the lineup. As before, 2016 Audi Q7 will be offered in Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige trim levels, all of which have advanced set of features. Middle grade adds panoramic sunroof, MMI navigation and voice control system, and Bose 14-speaker surround sound system over base models’ six 12-volt outlets and heated front seats.

Top grade adds even more refinement including ventilated front seats and four-zone automatic climate control. Popping touch-screen display sits atop the simple dash which could have been coated with more veneers. Safety features will be carried over, mostly. Apart from all mandatory systems, 2016 Audi Q7 will come with cross-traffic assist, adaptive cruise control and corner view camera system in top grade, while rest of the line will also receive number of advanced electronic safety features.

2016 Audi Q7 Price details

Prices will also jump and base models most likely won’t be available for less than $50,000. Top, Prestige grade could cost as much as $65,000, on the other hand. The price range depends of the buyers decision, optional or standard features and equipment. Also, delivery costs are one of the important thing. As far as launch date, Audi Q7 should be in showrooms in spring of this year, like 2016 edition. But, in USA, new SUV will appear on the market in second half of 2015 year. The key competitors are: BMW X5 (price from 52,800 dollars) and Porsche Cayenne (price from 61,700 dollars).

2016 Audi Q7 rear view

2016 Audi Q7 brings even better refinement and sharper styling, but main changes come in its sheetmetal which is now much lighter. This allows better fuel efficiency and even more cabin room, and when e-tron plug-in model becomes available, Q7’s lineup will be among most diverse in luxury large crossover segment.


It took Audi plenty of years to turn out a substitute for its full-size, deluxe SUV, as well as taking a look at this new Q7 I can recognize why. The SUV could finally blend amongst its smaller siblings thanks to its crisper design, while its revamped interior is probably the most contemporary of any sort of Audis since 2015. The large information is, naturally, the intro of the e-tron Quattro variation, makings the Q7 the first manufacturing hybrid with a diesel engine.

More info: http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1088667_2016-audi-q7-revealed-at-2015-detroit-auto-show-live-photos-video

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