2015 Toyota Land Cruiser – Safety and Changes

The 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser has come to be considered one of the most famous SUV vehicles around the world. It owes its global fame to its high Stability and Durability. Ever since 1951, the Toyota land cruiser model has proven itself as a reliable car for all kinds of terrains from Snow, Mud, Sandy desert soils, and Rocky terrains . It also has a comfortable feel on the smooth urban roads.

2015 Toyota land cruiser 4
Japanese Car maker, Toyota is preparing to release yet another generation of the Land cruiser family. This is set to hit the global marketing with a bang, just like all its earlier models. The new Land cruiser is set to have more luxurious interior spotting high tech features and high-class trim. Here are some of the major features to look forward to include.

The Engine range

Just like the current Land Cruiser, the 2015 Toyota Land cruiser comes with a choice of three engines. The Base engine is a 5.7-Liter V8; this is a Double Overhead Cam (DOHC) engine that produces 381 Horsepower and 401 Pounds per Ft. of torque. Toyota has also provided a smaller 4.0 L engine that provides 282 Horsepowers. Another option is the 3.0 L D-4D engine that produces 190 Horsepower.
2015 Toyota land cruiser
When it comes to transmission type, buyers have the option of choosing between a 5-Speed automatic transmission and a 6-Speed manual transmission. The 5.7-Liter engine has a consumption rated at 13mpg within the City and 18mpg on the highway. It is also has up to 18,000 Pounds towing capability.

Design – Interior & Exterior

The new Landcuiser’s interior is a fine display of Luxury. This car offers plenty of room big enough to accommodate up to 8 passengers comfortably. The extra third row of seats at the back fold away leaving behind a very specious trunk. The car boasts of leather trimmed seats and steering wheel. Its front seats and steering wheel are also heated to provide extra comfort in chilly weather.
2015 Toyota land cruiser interior
It also comes with a cooler box, climate control, rear seat entertainment, Bluetooth and an integrated hands-free phone system.


This SUV has a high ground clearance, this gives it the ability to drive through some of the most uneven terrains. It also comes with modern Daytime Driving Lights incorporated into its Headlamps and LED Rear lights. It has a roof carrier to accommodate any extra luggage.

2015 Toyota land cruiser side view


The 2015 Landcriuser comes with a number of safety features from, Active Traction Control, Multi-Terrain 4 wheel ABS system, Vehicle Stability control, Electronic Brace-Force distribution and Smart Stop technology. This SUV also comes with up to 10 Airbags making it one of the safest cars in the market.
2015 Toyota land cruiser 3

2015 Toyota Land Cruiser Price

This SUV does not come cheap; it comes with a starting price of $80,000 dollars for the standard version.


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