2015 Toyota Highlander – Review and Engine

The year 2014 continues to be another steady year for Toyota, with the expected release of the new 2015 Toyota Highlander. This model is expected to woo many buyers for Toyota. With a good reputation, this giant Japanese automaker will have a great start of the year 2015 with the release of this new Highlander model.

2015 Toyota Highlander side

This new model will come with great new and complete redesign giving the car maker a better stand in this segment. Standing as one of the best models in its segment, this car features new features that will see it go a long way in depicting the new future plans that Toyota has for it. Aside from having better and enlarged space this new model will come with added comfort.

Design – Interior and Exterior

The new 2015 Highlander model will feature some significant modification as compared its outgoing model. Among the most noticeable changes is its enlarged cabin space. This will make it possible for the buyers to ferry larger cargo volumes and also be more comfortable for the driver and his passengers. It is expected that the cabin will suffer a 34% increase, thus making it possible to offer ample head and leg room for both front and hind passengers. This is seen as a vital component of this model when it comes to its efficiency and practicality.
2015 Toyota Highlander
The exterior appears to be more attractive and stronger and superbly blends with its upscale interior. This model is ideal for family use as it offers a plethora of safety features and accessories. High quality materials have been used to upholster its seats, which also can be easily moved and folded boosting its comfort.

The 2015 Highlander will be available in 4 model versions with different sizes. These are the; LE, XLE, Limited and lastly the Platinum. Each version will be equipped with features and accessories depending on its size. Some of the basic features that will be offered all these models will be the; pre-collision system, blind spot monitoring, and the rear cross traffic.
2015 Toyota Highlander interior
Looking at its interior design, Toyota has enriched this new Highlander model with; parking sensors, driver seat memory, an 8inch SAT-NAT/infotainment touchscreen system, HD radio, USB ports, better air conditioning, cameras, automatic cruise control and more. It has a multifunction steering making it easy for the driver to access most controls easily and its added accessories make it possible to have an enjoyable and safe drive.

Performance and Engine

The 2015 Highlander will be presented with two engine options. They are; a, 3.0l and 2.7l 4-cylinder power unit that will be paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission, which have been fine tuned to offer you the best performance, speed and fuel economy than other rival models. The latter shall be the standard release for the Highlander. There is still a lot of expectations from buyers to see if Toyota will present a hybrid model. The giant car maker is yet to announce if it will release a hybrid version of this model.
2015 Toyota Highlander rear 2

2015 Toyota Highlander Price and release date

Although no official release date and price range information about this model has been announced. Experts in the auto industry estimate that this new 2015 Highlander model will be out later this year or at the start of 2015 and its base model will start retailing at about $30,000 with the higher trims with more features and those larger in size costing not more than $40,00.


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