2015 Toyota Corolla – Engine and New design

Toyota Corolla is not everyone’s usual choice especially when looking for a small, fast and fun car. Even though Toyota is not a fun choice for most people, if you are looking for reliability, safety and fuel economy then Toyota is the right car. When we talk about new 2015 Toyota Corolla, there are new changes and improvements.

2015 Toyota Corolla 3

2015 Toyota Corolla Redesign

The new redesigned 2015 Toyota corolla is even more interesting and impressive than the previous model and will make car lovers to renew their allegiance to Corolla.

The styling of the new model is sleek and has radically departed from the traditional Toyota style. The 2015 model has a swept back shape that has a modern grille and is contemporary. The car will have four variant models namely the L, LE, LE Eco and the S sports model.

2015 Toyota Corolla 2
The chassis of the car is also lighter, the wheel base is larger and the car has four doors. The interior of the car has also been redesigned especially in the rear-passenger seats with a lot more leg room to ensure comfort. The redesigned cabin of the 2015 Toyota Corolla is stylish, modern and sporty. The seats are covered in leather and the car has a central system with a touch screen display. The steering also has a lot of commands to make driving easier.
2015 Toyota Corolla side view 2

Under the Hood

The engine has also been improved. The 2015 Toyota Corolla will have a 4-unit and 1.8 liter engine that leads to a higher torque. The engine also has a higher speed manual transmission as compared to earlier models. With this engine and a lighter chassis, fuel consumption should be reduced. The new model is also very safe because of the added airbags including the one that protect the knees. As earlier stated, the new design saves a lot of fuel which is economical to most drivers.
2015 Toyota Corolla rear veiw
An interesting additional feature in this new model is the headlight. The new model is fitted with LED headlights that shine brighter than the normal headlights and help a driver to see road signs and any distractions clearly at night.
2015 Toyota Corolla

Release date and Price

The 2015 model is yet to be presented to the market in show rooms but the price is expected to be more than the earlier models because of the new additions and the redesign. The starting price is expected to be around $17,000 which is reasonable enough considering the additions and the changes that have been made on the car. Modern design, sporty look and fuel economy are among the few reasons why you should own this car.

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