2015 Toyota Avalon – Design and Engine

It is highly expected that the new release 2015 Toyota Avalon model will be presented as a complete remodeled 2013 Avalon model. This new model, 2015 Toyota Avalon has successfully covered two tasks. These are; first, it has successfully brought back the Avalon to better market performance in the market and second, it has wooed a great number of buyers and enthusiasts mostly from the younger population.

2015 Toyota Avalon Changes and Improvements

The 2015 Avalon greatly resembles its predecessor. Toyota has not yet announced and other major changes that this car will come with but it is expected that the new Avalon will have some major modifications since it’s expected to be a complete redesigned release for the year 2015.
2015 Toyota Avalon 3
The Avalon, is a class of luxury sedans that first saw the market in the 1995, and was characterized by great performance and adequate cabin space. With this the Japanese car maker has touched on these key features as well as adding supporting effects to them to make this model maintain its sales records that Toyota termed as excellent.

The 2015 Avalon new model will see a reduction in dimensions, making it slightly smaller than the outgoing model. Its exterior appearance is set to remain the same and will maintain maintain its sophisticated design and conventional style. It will have an attractive look and not the expected aggressive look and shall be available with Quadra-beam-headlights and LED tail lights, diverse quality vinyls, and shall be characterized by either 17inch or 18inch wheels.
2015 Toyota Avalon front view 2

Design – Inside and Outside

The new 2015 Avalon will be easy to personalize as it will be presented in four different trim levels. These are; XLE, XLE-premium, XLE-Touring, and lastly the XLE Limited. It is an interesting realization knowing the base model and standard equipped model of the Avalon is better than the fully equipped rival models. Its base model design shall be presented with a multi-functional infotainment system that will handle navigation and take voice commands, rear corner caution traffic system, the Neptune system- last-Gen Bluetooth connectivity and an all round braking system.

Other extra modifications are; rear view camera, intelligent key, electric-powered-moon roof, ventilated-true leather upholstered and electric heated seats.
2015 Toyota Avalon interior

Engine and Performance

The 2015 Avalon model will be powered by the same power unit that powered its predecessor-a 3.5l V6 power unit that is capable of delivering up to 220hp and 280 pound feet of torque. This engine will be mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox guaranteeing you of an excellent performance.

It will also have a hybrid version that also won’t see any changes from the previous model. It will still be powered by a 2.5l-2AR-FXE engine and will come with a Nickel Hydride Battery. The hybrid engine will be able to deliver up to 200hp and will be available in 3-options. These are the; EV, ECO, and lastly the sport version. All these versions will be paired to a 6-speed auto-transmission.

2015 Toyota Avalon side

2015 Toyota Avalon Price and release date

It is expected to sell at a fair price of about $30,900 for the base model the -XLE model and prices will increase with the acquisition of upper trims and those with more features with the hybrid set to cost more with a starting price of $41,000. This new 2105 Avalon model is expected to be out by the start of 2015.

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