2015 Nissan Frontier – Price details

As Nissan Company prepares to release its new 2015 Nissan Frontier come next year, the model has already received many reviews from people who love it. This model is expected to compete many models that exists in the market due to its remarkable features.

2015 Nissan Frontier 3

Styling and Price range

With an aim of attracting more customers, the company made a decision of modernizing and equipping it with modern systems as well as amenities. It will offer similar number of trim levels at the current model at the same time using a diesel engine. The price of the Nissan is expected to range from $ 18,000 to about $ 23,000.
2015 Nissan Frontier front view
It will be characterized by exterior that will be a combination of black, red, and black colors. The hood will be transparent, and have a clear engine. Its Calipers on front wheels will be red, while its rear wheels will be silver. Wheels will be 16 inches. The entire Leather trim interior, the leather steering wheel as well as elements will all be red and will give buyers that impression of a luxurious and modern vehicle.
2015 Nissan Frontier

Under the Hood

Current range of the engines will be extended to a new diesel engine. This company has also made a decision of making it this move with an aim of giving the buyers an opportunity to inspect of what they will buy next year. The Nissan will have an engine capacity of 5.0L V8 model that is combined with a Cummins turbo-diesel engine. The above specification is also one of the ways that company will use to reduce the amount of fuel that the previous models have been consuming.
2015 Nissan Frontier side
The engine will be coupled with automatic transmission of ZF 8HP70 8-speed. The Diesel that the car consumes will also be reduced by 35 percent lower fuel consumption when compared to the latest model that has 2WD and V6 engine. This will also made the Nissan to have a powerful battery that can last up to about 24 hours lightening the interior.

2015 Nissan Frontier Transimission

In addition to its new diesel engine, the Nissan will have an amazing fuel transmission and the stability that will enable it to move even to rugged landscape. Both the engines are combined with a 4×4 and 6-speed transmission.
2015 Nissan Frontier interior
The company also has plans of increasing efficiency, reducing its weight at the same time improving the aerodynamics of this vehicle by using modern and lightweight construction materials in the production of vehicles. In end, you should be sure of what to expect once it is launched into the market next year.


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