2015 Land Rover Discovery 5 – Engine and Specs

The 2015 Land Rover Discovery 5 is a new iteration of an already well known model, the Discovery. The car started its life as a cheaper alternative to the Range Rover. It was the car that was brilliant off-road, could carry up to 7 passengers in decent comfort and look good while doing it.

2015 Land Rover Discovery 5

The 2015 model will be a total redesign of the old. Land Rover already presented at the New York Auto Show, back in April, a concept for what the new car could look like, named the Discovery Vision Concept. This new model shows styling cues taken from the Range Rover Sport. It is more aggressive and looks to be a more up-market model than the old one.

Under the Hood

The engines in the new car haven’t yet been released to public but it is expected to have improved engines from the previous generation of Discovery. The base engine will most likely be the 3 liter V6 diesel unit that was found on the previous generation while the top of the range will get the AJV8 5 liter V8 engine also found on Range Rover. There is also a chance that the car will get the supercharger from its more powerful brother, but Land Rover hasn’t said too much about it yet. The top of the range engine will have around 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque while the diesel engine will have a more modest 250 horsepower and around 440 lb-ft of torque (thanks to the twin-turbochargers).
2015 Land Rover Discovery 5 side view 2

2015 Land Rover Discovery 5 Design

The exterior of the car get a major face-lift. The old Discovery was boxy and was very similar in design to the first generation that surfaced almost 25 years ago! The new Discovery 5 will take the design cues from its bigger brother, the Range Rover Sport. You will get daytime running lights in the front and LED tail-lights. The concept shows suicide doors. Land Rover hasn’t said anything about these yet, but the production car will most likely have normal doors.
2015 Land Rover Discovery 5 interior
The interior of the Discovery was already of a great quality. The materials should be top notch while the riding comfort should be perfect. Thanks to the adaptive air suspension, the car soaks in every bump on the road, so you won’t feel anything inside the cabin. On the dashboard there will be an 8 inch screen for the satellite navigation and the infotainment system and a three zone climate control. Leather will be offered as standard while the sun-roof will be a 1500 dollars option.
2015 Land Rover Discovery 5 rear view

Release date and Price

The price of the Discovery 5 will start somewhere around the 50 thousand dollars mark and will go up to 90 thousand dollars for the one equipped with the Jaguar V8 engine and all the options ticked. A great car, but a little pricey.

Land Rover Discovery Concept:


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