2015 Honda Odyssey – Performance and Specs

The 2015 Honda Odyssey stands tall among its peers and predecessors as a redesigned and improved performance machine with automobile elegance to last a decade. Nicknamed “Jade” at the Japan motor show, this latest Honda invention is set to be released late 2014 and here’s what to expect.

2015 Honda Odyssey rear view

Style – Outside and Inside look

It is a van that accommodates between 5 to 8 occupants and thus a family car. You can actually fit an entire family inside the car and have room for someone else. It has a comfortable three lines of seats all of which are big enough to fit adults. For those looking for a good ride, it is great for a drive. The car’s peripheral is different form its predecessors; the main contrast are totally new headlights that come with grills. The power moon roof is another of the car’s awesome features. The outline is more refined with a crisp body to match. However, most of the exterior is similar to the former Odyssey model.

The inside is motivated by technology. First a look at the dashboard. Equipped with an i-MID 8-inch touch screen, the dashboard is all about IT. Innovative brand new bags make safety a priority by enhancing chances of survival in the event of a car crash. The DVD system stretches all the way to the back seats plus a superior audio system.
2015 Honda Odyssey interior

Under the Hood

Siting strong under this van is the revamped engine. The 3.5 L V-6 engine is beastly on the road with a capacity of 250 Horsepower and torque of about 250Nm. The gauged mileage for this engine is 28 miles per gallon while on the highway and 19 miles per gallon in the city. Apart from all this, it is a four-wheel drive when you want it to, with a standard front-wheel drive. It contains a six speed transmission system and a programmed gearbox.
2015 Honda Odyssey top view
A few extras have been thrown in such as the advanced navigation features where the driver is cautioned upon lane departure to increase safety and the car blind area is minimal, a feature which makes driving more comfortable and safe.
2015 Honda Odyssey

2015 Honda Odyssey Price and Release date

All these features translate into a price range of between $ 29995 and $ 45900. This price range is subject to the model’s various features such as performance. Despite the name Jade, the car will be available in various eye catching colors, giving buyers a choice. This model is set to cause a stir among its peers which include Toyota Sienna, Dodge Grand Caravan, Nissan Quest and Chrysler Town & Country upon its release.


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