2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid – Design and Features

The 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid will be a newer and improved version of the old model. It is now based on the new Ford Mondeo platform, so we can expect premium interior quality and comfort while maintaining the ride quality.

The car will come at a base price of around 27.000$ and it will be available somewhere around the mid of this summer. The price is really good because the car offers so many features even in its basic form.
2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid road

2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid Engine

Well, this car is a plug-in hybrid, so this means on top of the 2 liter Atkinson cycle petrol engine it also has an electric motor. The powertrain puts out around 188 horsepower and as much as 180 lb-ft of torque, combined. Thanks to a set of batteries that has a capacity of 7.6 kWh, it is possible to run it in fully electric mode for around 21 miles. After that, the petrol engine will come to life, behaving just like a normal hybrid. The batteries need to be recharged overnight in order to use it in fully electric mode because the engine just doesn’t have enough power to do it.
2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Transmission and fuel consumption

The transmission is a fully electric CVT unit, so that means the car is actually powered at all times by the electric motor rather than the petrol unit. It is very efficient but not very sporty. The fuel consumption is low, as expected from such a car, being able to return as much as 48 MPG on the highway and as low as 35 MPG in the city.
2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid top

Design – Interior and Interior

The car can accommodate up to five passengers in very good comfort. Because it comes as standard with heated seats, climate control and satellite navigation, there isn’t much to look for in the more expensive models except a few items like: dual zone climate control, ventilated leather seats or a big moon-roof that covers both the front and the rear seats. There is also the possibility of getting a Sony premium sound system as well as a bigger screen for your satellite navigation.
2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid interior


On the exterior the car doesn’t differ much of the European counterpart. It still is that beautiful car with ample front grille and LED running lights as well as Xenon headlights and LED tail lights. The standard wheels are 16 inch alloys with tires made specially for lower fuel consumption. Options include privacy glass, bigger wheels of up to 18 inches or small spoiler for the rear.

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