2015 Ford Focus Electric – Battery and Specs

A Next Generation Master Piece written by: dreamwriter Making its debut at the New York Auto Show , the 2015 Ford Focus Electric certainly places ford among the global trend setters in electric car development alongside Japanese and German car makers.

2015 Ford Focus Electric side view
The key point of focus for many car analysts are the stark differences between these much talked about electric version and earlier electric version models as well as internal combustion engine models. This article will hence strive to analyse various aspects of this acclaimed car such as car design, energy consumption, comfort and the overall driving experience.

2015 Ford Focus Electric Styling

The design of the 2015 ford focus electric is extremely similar to the internal combustion engine version. This is especially when the exterior is considered as the differences are at their very minimum. Both versions spot the same simple yet sporty Hatch back design complimented with a curvy body that has almost none existent sharp edges .Despite minimal changes the exterior of the 2015 electrical spots some cosmetic modifications.
2015 Ford Focus Electric interior
Slimmer LED accent headlights give the car a relatively sportier look .Sleeker rear and front fascia’s as well Rado gray 18 inch wheels are some of the updates that the 2015 focus electric boasts of. Additionally, a more aggressive ,deeper front bumper with an upper grille that is higher plus a more intimidating honey combed lower grille with low fog lights are spotted by this ground breaking mean machine.
2015 Ford Focus Electric
The interior of the Ford electric is as exceptionally designed as the exterior. The redesigned centre stack spots revised climate controls while the old centre console seems to be completely overhauled and replaced with a redesigned sportier version. The leg room of the car is adequate and this promises to ensure passenger comfort. A leather – wrapped steering wheel coupled with satin chrome door handles add to the aesthetic appeal of the this electric version in addition to giving it a more premium feel.

2015 Ford Focus Electric 4

Features and Specs

Various mechanical enhancements are boasted by the 2015 ford focus electric. The suspension of the car has been updated to make the tuning of the front and rear shocks sportier .New front springs have also been included in the new 2015 Electric version. The six speed manual transmission is maintained by the 2015 electric version. The electric motor of the 2015 ford focus EV is slightly improved in power ratings when compared to the 2014 EV.

2015 Ford Focus Electric Price

Given the numerous land mark improvements incorporated in the new EV ford focus, the driving experience is bound to be nothing short of breath taking. Given the going price of about $27000,the EV ford focus promises to be a truly great buy.

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