2015 Ford Fiesta RS – Review and Engine

Ford Fiesta has always been a very good car and has been constantly improved by Ford over the years. The Fiesta ST with its tiny little engine that is plenty powerful and the awesome ride quality has been a massive success. Ford is trying to improve that car by adding two letters, R and S. The 2015 Ford Fiesta RS is expected to hit the market around the winter of 2014 and it will come at a price of around 38.000$.

2015 ford fiesta rs 2

Engine and Performance

As we know from the ST, the RS will come with a turbocharged version of the 1.6 liter EcoBoost, but it won’t develop 180 horsepower, or 200 horsepower. We expect it to come with at least 230 horsepower and around 240 lb-ft of torque! Also, considering this is an EcoBoost unit, it will have very low fuel consumption when driven carefully, being able to return around 26 MPG in the city and as much as 42 MPG while on the highway.
2015 ford fiesta rs interior

2015 Ford Fiesta RS Transmission and drivetrain

Just as the ST, the Fiesta RS will be a front wheel drive car that will feature a torque vectoring system to cope with all the torque from the engine. The suspension will also be revised to be stiffer even than the ST and lower than the normal Fiesta by about 20 mm. Because of this and the fact that it is very light, this will be a great track car. Transmission wise, the car will come with only one option, the 6 speed manual also found on the ST.
2015 ford fiesta rs 5

Design – Interior and Exterior

The car’s interior isn’t much different than that on the Fiesta ST. It still features all of the standard equipment like automatic climate control, Sony audio system and satellite navigation. The big change are the seats. Now, the car comes with much better Recaro front and rear seats, so all the passengers can experience the thrill. Also, another improvement over the ST is the steering wheel that is now a bit smaller and has a better materials selection with aluminium and leather.
2015 ford fiesta rs
Ford hasn’t said much about it yet but we can expect some minor cosmetic changes to the front and rear bumper as well as different sides-skirts. There will most likely be a rear diffuser to help maintain the car on the road and a bigger rear wing. Another improvements will be the 18 inch forged aluminium wheels that will most likely have Pirelli PZero tires!

Color wise, the 2015 Fiesta RS will come in three flavors. The standard blue or the optional orange or lime green. These have been the colors of the RS Fords for years and they don’t plan changing them.

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