2015 Chevy Colorado – Performance and Styling

It is a fact that the auto industry is growing immensely and Chevrolet car manufacturer understands what all this means to their existing and potential customers. It is for this reason that they are ready to equip the 2015 Chevy Colorado with great features and efficient systems.

2015 Chevy Colorado side view
In addition, this car manufacturer is planning to offer the car at more affordable price range of $26,760 to $ $35,000. If you are planing to buy this car, you need to prepare to make the purchase before the end of 2014 or in the start of 2015 as it is expected to go on sale beyond the year ends or early next year.

2015 Chevy Colorado Engine and Performance

As a way to appreciate the enhancement of the technology, Chevy will also offer this car with three powertrain options. These are the 3.6 liter DOHC V-6 engine, 2.5 liter four cylinder motor and the 2.8 liter four cylinder turbo diesel powertrain. The 3.6 liter powertrain will produce a horsepower of 302 and torque of 270 lb-ft while the 2.5 liter engine will generate a horsepower of 193 and torque of 184 lb-ft. The 2.8 turbo diesel will be more powerful as it will generate a power output of 180 and torque of 346 lb-ft. All the engine will come with four-wheel drive option, two speed transfer case and six-speed automatic transmission.
2015 Chevy Colorado interior

Car exterior and exterior

This Colorado model will combine high quality design features and high-tech systems. Among these include thick windshield noise pollution, triple sealed doors and inlaid. The exterior surface will as well be made exceptionally with controls, dual cockpit cabs and gauges to help better the style and operation of the car. The car will also feature high-tech systems such as touch screen controls, Bluetooth pairing, USB ports, internet Radio stations, Chevrolet MyLink besides airbags
2015 Chevy Colorado

The Performance and Under the Hood

The car performance will also put much effort to improve the overall car performance. This will be achieved through the installation of cloth and leather-based seats to help enhance legroom and support. It will also be equipped with sculpted headliner to help increase the interior space and headroom.
2015 Chevy Colorado rear
Besides all that the car will feature a large centre console whose function will be to make the storage of all portable electronic devices secure and easy. As well, a dedicated non-skid space and a cord management system will be equipped in the car to act as a media for your charging needs. To enrich the car performance, the exterior surface will be coated with durable and beautiful structures to help boost the ability of the car to withstand toxic conditions.

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